Explore patterns and trends in patent and market data for upcoming technologies, as well as current and future industrial applications of these innovations.

Our unique multi-disciplinary research and thorough approach aims to provide insights which can be used for competitive intelligence and research.



Keywords: Probiotics, Microbiota, C. Difficile Infection, Metagenomics, Gut Health

Vaccine Technologies


Keywords: Zoonotic Diseases, Human Healthcare, COVID-19, African Swine Fever, Disease Control, Preventative Healthcare


Future Food Sources 


Keywords: Animal Product Replacements, Alternative Protein, Future Farming, Food Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence


Keywords: Healthcare, Drug Discovery, Agritech, Patent Intelligence, AI

Gene Editing


Keywords: CRISPR-Cas, TALENs, ZFN, Therapeutics, Agriculture, Patent Intelligence

Greenhouse Gas Capture


Keywords: Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Capture, Biotechnology, Patent Intelligence

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