Partnering: Realise your potential


IP Pragmatics has experience of commercialising a wide range of different types of IP (including know-how, copyright, patent and trademarks) in a range of different business fields.

We combine marketing, business intelligence, contract negotiation skills and extensive company networks to find clients the best partners for your technology opportunity.

We are specialists in licensing, joint venturing and new company creation.


We work with our clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing and commercialisation of IP portfolios:

  • Analysis of markets and competition
  • Intellectual property strategy and business plan development
  • Identify and prioritise development opportunities
  • Identifying licensing opportunities (both in and out licensing)
  • Identification/screening/meeting potential partners
  • Development of Business Development and marketing materials
  • Representation at partnering meetings and conferences
  • Deal valuation
  • Intellectual property licensing negotiations
  • Management of the due diligence process


Creating new income streams

Open Innovation is creating new opportunities for organisations to generate income from intellectual assets. We can help you achieve an edge over the competition by providing guidance and hands on practical help in developing business development strategies, identifying partners, prioritising targets, evaluating opportunities, and negotiating deals.


Universities and the public sector: maximising impact

For universities and public sector research organisations, IP assets are a means of creating new income streams and attracting commercial partners to demonstrate impact. We use our analytical strengths in understanding markets and patent landscapes, coupled with our global networks to help you:

  • Identify and engage with potential licensees
  • Identify partners to support joint research and translation funding applications
  • Negotiate deal terms and the supporting legal agreements


Commercial organisations: out-sourced business development

We work with companies globally to assist with in- and out-licensing of core and non-core IP assets. We provide:

  • Deep sector knowledge in technology fields where your IP assets may have applications outside of your core business fields i.e. taking opportunities from human health into animal health
  • Hands on business development support to complement internal resources
  • Expert knowledge of working with universities and other public sector research organisations to help you identify and access new technologies
  • Resources to dispose of non-core IP assets through licensing or assignment

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