Encompassing crop protection, biopesticides, agbiotechnology and conventional plant breeding markets.

Our people

Rupert Osborn


Case Study

Agritech: Australian University Market Assessment

Sector Lead

Rupert has worked in the agbiotechnology sector since 1991 when he joined ICI Agrochemicals (became Zeneca Agrochemicals and now Syngenta). His career has involved managing commercial research teams and technology acquisition and licensing positions, both within industry and with a specialised plant bioscience technology broking company. Since co-founding IP Pragmatics in 2003 he has worked with academic, government research institutes and commercial companies globally on more than 100 individual agritech related projects.

A strategic focus

Combined with our expertise in animal health, we are uniquely placed to help clients understand and navigate these specialised commercial sectors. Our agritech team have career backgrounds that include in- and out-licensing, business development and research positions within multinational companies such as Syngenta and leading academic plant science research institutes.

Crop protection, plant breeding and agbiotech

Our expertise covers crop protection (e.g. novel pesticides), both conventional chemicals and biopesticides, natural product agricultural inputs, agbiotechnology (e.g. plant transformation technologies, gene traits) and technologies for conventional plant breeding.

Extensive networks

Understanding and navigating the agritech sector can be difficult without a deep knowledge of the industry and its major players. Individuals within the team have been involved in the sector for more than 20 years. We proactively maintain our networks through company visits and conferences, constantly refreshing this knowledge through discussions on new technology needs with the global crop protection and agbiotechnology companies.

Case Study

Agritech: Technology Assessment and Partnering for Kaneka Corporation

Global clients

Our clients include universities, research institutes, SMEs, large enterprise and public sector organisations in over 20 countries.

We recognise and understand what is important to our clients and their stakeholders. This enables us to provide meaningful outcomes and practical next steps for all client assignments.

Project Outcomes

  • Working over an 18-month period with a leading UK agricultural research institute to undertake a strategic review of its external income generation capabilities and approaches leading to the institute refocussing its approach to commercialisation, including the formation of a new commercial subsidiary.
  • Providing a market assessment and patent landscape for a UK research institute investigating the opportunity to produce omega-3 fish oils in genetically modified plants leading to the institute securing significant additional translational funding to undertake field trails and industry testing of the resulting oil product.
  • Undertaking an IP audit and IP valuation for an agriculture LED lighting company resulting in the company securing additional funding and a long term partnership
  • Working with a leading Australian government research organisation to assess a proposed business plan, undertake a valuation and identify an optimal commercial strategy for a novel high-fibre barley grain, leading to the formation of a new commercial venture to take forward the commercial expansion of the technology.

Agritech: Gene Editing


White Paper: Gene Editing Market Assessment and Patent Landscape