About Us

What we have:

  • Team of ex-industry and IP specialists
  • Active global networks and contacts
  • Market, industry, IP and scientific information resources
  • Analytical rigour

How we use it:

  • Pragmatic approach

The way we assimilate scientific, market and intellectual property knowledge and place it in a commercial context sets us apart.

  • Actionable outcomes

Our understanding of what is important to different types of organisations and their stakeholders, from universities to SMEs, enables us to provide meaningful outcomes and practical next steps.

  • Interactive and responsive practise

We believe in being accessible with hands-on involvement through to the completion and follow up of all our client projects.

IP Pragmatics is a management consultancy specialising in scientific technologies and intellectual property since 2000. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Scotland and Australia. We also have strategic partners in Africa, Japan and North America.

Our clients include universities, research institutes, SMEs, large enterprise and public sector organisations in over 20 countries.

We combine industry experience with a practical approach to progress product and service-based opportunities at any stage in their lifecycle.