IP Audit: Optimise your IP portfolio


Combining technical, business and legal expertise in intellectual property

We carry out intellectual property audits and patent audits in the context of your individual organisation and business field, and bring this together with relevant market business information to value your intellectual property assets. 


Theory honed with commercial practice

We work with businesses and academic organisations across different technology sectors, focussing on all forms of intellectual property. We will help you identify:

  • Status and scope of both unregistered and registered intellectual property across a project or organisation.
  • Ownership and control of your intellectual property assets, identifying issues that exist or may arise.
  • Patentability and validity of unregistered or pending applications.
  • The strength of your registered intellectual property in terms of: the level of patent activity in the field, the ability to work around a patent, and to police its use.

Identifying, monitoring, valuing intellectual property assets facilitates more informed decisions when it comes to:

  • Acquiring other intellectual property assets
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Licensing
  • Use of intellectual property as collateral
  • Enforcement
  • Cost reduction


Reviewing your IP portfolio

The importance and value of different types of intellectual property vary depending on the business sector and type of organisation. An intellectual property audit can help you to capitalise on the potential benefits of your intellectual property assets and extract their full value. For academic organisations it can be a way to engage with academics and assist with identifying projects capable of creating impact.