The Microbiome Market 2021: Recent Developments, Challenges and Future Directions

IP Pragmatics first released a white paper on the microbiome market in 2017, when the academic, commercial and patenting trends reflected an industry which was at an early stage but was undergoing extraordinary growth.

Since 2017 there has been vertical and horizontal growth in the microbiome market, evolving technological capabilities and an increasingly diverse landscape of start-up formation, partnerships and deal-making, which we have aimed to capture in our new 2021 white paper.

The market for human gut microbiome therapeutics is still by far the largest sector of the microbiome industry. Human microbiome diagnostics is arguably the sector undergoing the fastest diversification in terms of technology development and commercialisation. 

The three other sectors covered in this paper are the skin, animal and agricultural microbiomes. Each has undergone rapid development and growth over the last four years.

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Exploiting the Microbiome 2017: Market Developments and Intellectual Property Landscape

The white paper focuses on industrial applications of the microbiome in three categories: human health & wellbeing, animal health and plants & agriculture.

The market analysis is split into each of the sectors and details key companies, researchers, pipeline and deals in each category. In addition to this, the report explores market drivers and trends as well as barriers to entry in each of the categories.

The patent analysis looks at overall patenting trends for microbiome technologies including, filing and publishing trends, geographical analysis, key patenting organisations and inventors and the industrial applications of the patents.

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