Case Study: Australian University Market Assessment

Industry Expertise: Agritech

Services: Market Assessment, Partnering


Researchers at a leading Australian University have discovered a new class of ethylene antagonist which delays ripening and reduces flower drop. These compounds it is hoped can be used in formulations that extend storage, transport and shelf life of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers.



The University wished to understand the best routes to commercialise their technology and appointed IP Pragmatics to carry out a market assessment and commercial validation of the opportunity. The key objectives were:

• to understand where the technology sits in the overall commercial landscape;
• who the potential partners/licensees could be;
• what stage of development would be required to attract commercial interest in the technology; and
• what the best route to market is (partnering, licensing, new venture creation etc.).


We performed a comprehensive IP analysis of related technology approaches and chemistry in order to identify any competing approaches or potential freedom to operate constraints.

Following on from the IP analysis, we carried out a detailed market assessment. Through this assessment we identified the market size and market drivers. In addition, we identified and analysed all the existing competing approaches on the market.
With market opportunities identified and scoped out, IP Pragmatics established communication channels with a range of potential licensees globally to obtain feedback on the technology and to identify their interests in partnering with the University.



The feedback gained from industry has given the University a clear path to the type of information and questions that it will need to be able to address in order to secure a route to market.

As a direct result of the company approaches organised by IP Pragmatics, discussions have been opened by the University team with a number of multinational companies, in the US, UK, Australia and Europe. Several of these connections have now progressed further, with confidential discussions, and parameters such as toxicology and manufacturing costs being assessed.

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