Wellspring, IPRIS, and IP Pragmatics announce integrated IP partnership

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Chicago, Illinois; Basel, Switzerland; and London, England- 23 January 2018


Wellspring, a leader in technology transfer software, IPRIS, a top-tier intellectual property (IP) renewals provider and IP Pragmatics, a leading IP consultancy, today announced a formal partnership to provide integrated software and services. The integration marries Wellspring’s enterprise tech transfer and IP software with IPRIS’ and IP Pragmatics’ IP renewal services and software.

The joint offering will provide organizations with a comprehensive solution to support the entire lifecycle of IP management and technology transfer for start-ups, SME’s, universities, and research institutions.

The partnership will deliver patent, trademark and design renewal payments to Wellspring’s global software clients through an integrated renewals system. Moreover, IP Pragmatics will also represent Wellspring as a direct channel partner in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, offering Wellspring software to interested parties in these markets.

Wellspring clients will benefit from access to IPRIS and IP Pragmatics’ renewal expertise, and tech transfer offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand will also have greater access to Wellspring’s software solutions via the IP Pragmatics global consultancy team. 

Patent and trademark renewals are critical to safeguarding valuable IP rights, and missing a single renewal deadline can lead to lost protection and severe financial risk. With over 14 years of experience managing renewal payments, IPRIS provides industry-leading assurance standards and expertise. They are trusted by over 200 clients large and small to protect critical patent, design and trademark renewals. IPRIS’ renewals service also includes extensive patent and trademark data verification to identify inaccuracies, confirm due dates, and forecast costs.

IP Pragmatics CEO Dr. Rupert Osborn commented: "IP Pragmatics is proud to partner with Wellspring to address client needs. Wellspring provides the software infrastructure necessary to manage successful technology transfer and IP operations. Our combined services multiply the value of an organization's research activities by providing highly efficient IP management and peace of mind that intellectual assets are protected."

Chairman of the IPRIS board Dr. Bruno Dalle Carbonare commented “We are pleased to partner with Wellspring and offer our leading IP renewals web portal and services to Wellspring clients.  IPRIS is pleased to add value to Wellspring’s existing IP software offering by enabling clients to have increased visibility and control of their IP renewals management.”

Dr. Robert Lowe, CEO at Wellspring, added: "With today's announcement, Wellspring clients can easily deal with the complexity of all the global authorities regarding their patent and trademark annuities through one software solution. IPRIS offers the convenience to track and make payments so that organizations do not have to worry about losing protection. Wellspring now more than ever enables our clients to capitalize on their knowledge assets, while safeguarding their intellectual asset value."


About Wellspring 
Wellspring is the global leader in technology transfer and technology scouting software. Organizations rely on Wellspring to manage the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of technologies, partners, and investments.

Founded in 2003 as a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support tech scouting, IP protection, commercialization, and licensing of emerging technologies. For more information, please visit wellspring.com.



IPRIS founded in 2004 as a spin-off from a university tech transfer office, focuses its activities on the administration and management of intellectual property rights especially the payments of annuity fees but also nationalization and validation of patents

Today IPRIS’ clients include a large number of leading universities through to SMEs across a range of technology related sectors. For more information visit iprisglobal.com.


About IP Pragmatics

IP Pragmatics is a management consultancy specializing in scientific technologies and intellectual property since 2000. The company is headquartered in London with offices in Scotland and Australia. We also have strategic partners in North America, Japan, South Africa and South Korea.

The company works with universities, research institutes, SMEs, large enterprise and public sector organisations in over 20 countries.



IP Pragmatics


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