Publication of the IP Pragmatics’ Microbiome White Paper

The microbiome is one of the most active, exciting research areas in biotechnology and a source of enormous commercial potential. With a number of high-profile, human microbiome-based therapeutics in clinical trials, the first crop of microbiome drugs could launch as early by 2018. IP Pragmatics has a wide range of experience across the biotech sector, and we felt that a comprehensive analysis of the market developments and intellectual property landscape would be a timely addition to this promising field.

The Human Health and Wellbeing sector is by far the largest in the microbiome industry. There is also an increasing amount of interest in animal, plant and soil microbiomes. Large industry players have not overlooked these opportunities, with many investing and partnering heavily in this area, across the various sectors.

The following article provides a more detailed overview of the white paper.

The full white paper can be downloaded here.

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