IPRIS expands IPR renewals services to Korea

The IP Pragmatics Ltd and IPRIS AG partnership is pleased to announce the expansion of IPRIS into South Korea through the appointment of Minjoon Kim as the official IPRIS sales representative for this territory.

IPRIS AG is an intellectual property management company which provides renewals services for patents, trademarks and design rights as well as PCT nationalisation and European validation services. A joint venture was formed between IP Pragmatics and IPRIS in 2005 in order to expand IPRIS’ portfolio of services in the U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand and build on their existing global client base.

Minjoon Kim is an experienced business consultant with a track record of working with innovative multinationals and SMEs to exploit their tangible and intangible assets. As a diligent, business development expert who has worked in the US and Korea, Minjoon Kim understands the importance of high-quality business development and customer service.

“We are confident that together with Mr Minjoon Kim, we can offer a high-quality, competitive renewals service and excellent customer support to new Clients in South Korea. This builds on our experience of a successful and ongoing IPRIS venture into Australia and New Zealand since 2010” said Ronnie Georghiou, Executive Director, Services at IP Pragmatics.

If you are based in Korea and would like more information on global patent renewals, European patent validation or any other IPRIS services, please email korea@iprisglobal.com.

Notes for editors:

About IPRIS AG (www.iprisglobal.com)

Established in Basel, Switzerland in 2004, IPRIS AG is a global services provider of IPR renewals, PCT nationalisation and European validation services to companies, organisations and IP law firms.

Through a decade-long marketing partnership with IP Pragmatics Limited, IPRIS is able to offer centralised, complete control of its clients’ patent, design and trademark renewals with unrivalled service quality and expertise.

About IP Pragmatics (www.ip-pragmatics.com)

Established in London in 2000, IP Pragmatics is a UK-headquartered management consultancy specialising in intellectual property and technology with offices in London, Edinburgh and Sydney.

The IP Pragmatics team has in-depth technical, commercial and intellectual property knowledge and experience. They work with a wide range of different organisations from public sector organisations and universities through to SMEs and large multinational companies both in the UK and internationally.

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