IP Pragmatics and Wellspring expand partnership with IPRIS and PAVIS

Today IP Pragmatics and Wellspring Worldwide are pleased to announce an expansion of their partnership with IPRIS AG and PAVIS GmbH, a leading IP services firm. The expansion follows the recent purchase of IPRIS by PAVIS, with IPRIS now becoming part of the larger NovumIP group.

This builds on the successful partnership between Wellspring, IP Pragmatics and IPRIS announced in 2018, delivering focused solutions to academic technology transfer offices, SMEs and corporate IP groups. Together, the partnership enables each company to offer complementary patent annuity services and software to their respective client bases in Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

In parallel, Wellspring, IP Pragmatics and NovumIP will explore opportunities to promote an expanded range of IP services (including legal services, IP analytics & valuations, technology scouting) and software solutions to their respective client bases globally. 

This client base continues to grow, and the expanded partnership will enable all IP-focused organisations, including innovative multinational corporations and established IP Firms, to optimise their IP management workflows using this suite of top-tier software solutions and broader services

For the full press release please click here.

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