Introducing the revised Lambert Toolkit

The Pharmaceutical Licensing Group (PLG) Journal has recently published an article reviewing the updates to the Lambert toolkit, and has kindly made it available, free of charge, here.  

The Lambert Toolkit was developed in 2004 to help improve the process of negotiating collaborative research agreements between universities and business through a series of model agreements and guidance. A review by IP Pragmatics in 2013 identified the need to do more to promote use of the model agreements and the need to update them and the guidance. The revised Lambert Toolkit, which was launched in October 2016, was designed to address these shortcomings.

Some of the findings by the authors of the recent review (including IP Pragmatics CEO Dr Rupert Osborn) argue that although it is too early to assess the true impact of the updated Toolkit, 1‐to‐1 model agreements seem more popular than the multi‐party consortium agreements and that the guidance and the decision tree are widely praised as useful tools.

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