Case Study: Market assessment of stem cells for research

Industry Expertise: Life Science Research

Services: Market Assessment


EBiSC, the European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells, a public-private partnership funded by IMI and EFPIA, is designed to address the increasing demand for quality-controlled, disease-relevant, research-grade human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines, data and cell services from researchers across academia and industry. Its goal is to become a centralised, not-for-profit iPSC banking and distribution service to provide all qualified research users from around the world with high quality iPSC line tools.



IP Pragmatics Limited (IPPL) was appointed by EBiSC to assess the iPSC line banking landscape and to build knowledge of iPSC lines held by other banks and repositories from around the world in order to support wider participation in EBiSC.


In addition to assessing background data from the client, and analysing secondary market research information, we conducted a survey on behalf of EBiSC into the use of induced pluripotent stem cell lines in research to improve products and services that can be offered to researchers in the future.



The survey was successfully delivered to over 2400 researchers active in the field of iPSC research. As a result of our approach and analyses, the client was provided with comprehensive information about how EBiSC compares against other organisations active in this field, recommendations regarding the needs of iPSC researchers in academia and in industry, in addition to making recommendations for immediate and longer term priorities and opportunities for iPSC banking.

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