Case Study: Evaluation of Veterinary Market Opportunities for Atomo Diagnostics

Industry Expertise: Animal Health

Services: Market Assessment, Partnering


Atomo Diagnostics is a medical technology company bringing next generation rapid diagnostic solutions to market and radically changing the way that we diagnose disease. AtomoRapid™ is an award-winning fully integrated blood sampling platform technology that has been launched for HIV and Malaria diagnostic applications in Africa, with UK and USA market entries underway.



IP Pragmatics was tasked with evaluating veterinary market opportunities for the AtomoRapid™ and subsequently, to identify and approach prospective partners, to licence and commercialise the platform in the vet field.


The team evaluated the animal health rapid diagnostics markets and prioritise by value and overall attractiveness of potential vet applications for the AtomoRapid™ technology.  A list of potential target industry partners in the context of the Client’s technology were outlined and subsequently approached by IP Pragmatics via its established networks.



Non-confidential discussions were initiated with multiple animal health diagnostics companies.  Through these efforts a leading IVD company expressed broader interests in partnering with Atomo Diagnostics.  IP Pragmatics led these discussions through to confidential and term sheet negotiations that are currently ongoing.

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