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Our people

Ronnie Georghiou

Executive Director (Services and ANZ)


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Sector Lead Details

As the Director of Services for IP Pragmatics, Ronnie has been central to the expansion of the IPRIS renewals service in the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Ronnie has extensive experience with renewals clients ranging from SMEs and IP firms to universities and research institutes. This has provided him with a deep understanding of the operational methods of different type of organisations and how the IPRIS services and online portal can be tailored to each.

Over a decade of unrivalled service quality and expertise

In 2005, IP Pragmatics formed a marketing partnership with IPRIS AG, a Swiss intellectual property rights renewals company. Since then, we have successfully brought their unique renewals services to SMEs, universities, research institutes and IP firms worldwide.

Customised service and system

The IPRIS service and online portal empowers clients to centralise their patent, design and trademark renewals, giving them complete control. The secure and user-friendly IPRIS online portal is customised to fit the workflows of each client, and is underpinned by an expert service team. The clients have unlimited access to the team’s exceptional IPR formalities and renewals knowledge through a personal customer service representative.

Competitive all-inclusive fees

IPRIS was founded to address a gap in the IP renewals market for a service provider with competitive pricing at a fixed rate with no compromise to the quality of the service. The online portal displays the total renewal costs upfront with no hidden costs and also allows clients to view late fees in advance. Even with the competitive pricing, the service quality and expertise are unrivalled.

Recent Projects

  • Selected by a newly founded New Zealand IP firm as a back-office system to support the growth of the company into a mid-sized IP firm with over 1000 renewals.
  • Supporting a leading research institute to seamlessly transition a selection of their patent renewals to a spin-out, and continuing to manage the renewals for the new company that has since listed on NASDAQ.
  • Offering day-to-day support through the IPRIS team and web portal, to a top UK university’s IP managers as they coordinate status changes, instructions and decisions with internal business managers and external attorneys.
  • Assisting an Australian company to collate renewal schedules from multiple attorneys, providing a detailed transition plan for Board assurance and approval.
Global clients

The IPRIS service is used by small and medium sized companies, universities, research organisations and IP firms globally.

Project Outcomes

  • Enabled New Zealand based IP firm to expand their services to clients by offering dedicated online renewals accounts for key clients, allowing them to view and forecast costs.
  • We helped a top university to centralise their renewals that were previously spread over several different patent attorneys and renewals service providers.
  • Setting up a hassle-free solution for CEO and entrepreneurs with automatic patent renewals that do not need instruction and where IPRIS receive updates directly from the company’s patent attorneys.
  • Meeting the needs of a SMEs with in-house patent attorneys and giving them complete control of their renewal and access to expert formalities advisors.

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